French Riviera Retro Chic Essentials


Regardless of the decade, the style on the French Riviera has remained almost the same since the 1950s, as the Breton stripes, wicker hats, airy sundresses and silk scarves that the style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin wore to Cannes and St Tropez still remain the unofficial dress code of this beautiful region. If you are wondering how you can recreate this highly fashionable retro look without the budget for head to toe Chanel and Hermès, here are some essential items that will help you master the chic French Riviera style:

Flowy feminine blouses

Photo by Bianca Castillo on Unsplash

To nail the nautical look, but avoid being too obvious and predictable in a striped T-shirt, a great idea would be to opt for a cobalt blue blouse in a feminine retro style and a lightweight and airy fabric. Apart from being easy to style and a perfect option for a night out, a beautiful shirt like this will give an air of elegance to any chic Riviera look and it will help you evoke that effortlessly fashionable style of the French fashion icons.


Floral Sundresses

Photo by drimenaim on Unsplash

We all know that sundresses are a Riviera staple, but it’s not just about Breton stripes. Floral summer dresses are also a key component of any French girl’s holiday wardrobe. And there’s truly nothing quite like a vintage white dress in a delicate floral print and a flattering A-line shape to master that retro chic look, while still being stylish and timeless enough for a modern seaside vacation.

Chic retro swimsuits

While swimsuits are an unavoidable part of any summer vacation, the French Riviera truly calls for a cute and modest retro-inspired beach look. Instead of a modern bikini, choose a vintage swimming costume in a classic polka dot print that evokes the timeless and effortless ‘50s style that the biggest fashion icons of the century used to flaunt in Cannes.

Cute hair accessories


Even though loose beach waves are a popular look for summer vacations nowadays, when it comes to the Riviera, classic is always the best way to go. Whether you opt for a tight ponytail or a sleek low bun, make sure to accessorize your hair with trendy scrunchies that add a modern touch to an otherwise plain and common hairstyle.

Pastel silk scarves

Silk scarves are a French woman staple. Whether they are worn around the neck for a classic look, wrapped around the head for a vintage chic vibe, or even tied to a handbag for a modern take on this timeless piece, silk scarves can beautifully complement any fashionable outfit. To truly achieve the retro Riviera look, opt for a pastel printed scarf that radiates elegance and class, while easily adding a subtle pop of colour to a chic summer outfit.

Bright leather bags


Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Versatile enough to complement almost every outfit and bright enough to be a great option for a seaside vacation, a white patent leather bag is the ideal way to revive the vintage trend, while still looking modern and fashionable. Whether you wear it as a cross-body bag for a casual daytime look or as a clutch for elegant nights out, a classing bag like this should be a staple in your French Riviera wardrobe.

Vintage pearl necklaces

One of the most popular jewellery pieces of the last century, pearl necklaces are as elegant as they are beautiful, and are an ideal accessory to complete a retro chic French Riviera outfit. From casual beach looks to glamorous night-time outfits, gorgeous pearls always make a statement. However, if you aren’t ready to invest in such a piece, a vintage faux pearl necklace is the perfect alternative.

Whether you are adding some nautical flair to your wardrobe or wearing a floppy sun hat when you take a walk along the boulevard, remember to keep it chic, stylish and simple, and you are bound to nail the French Riviera retro chic look.

Louisa Rogers