5 Reasons Why Vintage Clothes were MADE for Summer

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I know we're probably biased towards vintage here, but I want to make a case for vintage clothing coming into its own in the summer months! From unapologetically bright prints to floaty, diaphanous fabrics that look the best when they're windswept, the 20th century has you covered. 


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1. Bright colours

The high street is awash with bright colours, but the 1960s started this trend off in style. Colour blocking mini dresses and sunshine yellow skirt suits were all the rage (well, at least on the Kings' road!). Bright colours are amplified by the bright daylight and add an air of confidence to any outfit.


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2. The best floral prints

There's no time like the summer time to embrace florals and girly, garden inspired prints. From the dainty prints of the 1930s and 1940s in pastel colours like cornflower-blue and peach, to the increasingly stylised prints of the 1960s and 1970s, florals are at home in the summer weather and life our mood.


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3. Natural fabrics

Until the mass production of the late 1950s began, most vintage clothes were made at home or by local seamstresses, using high-quality natural fabrics produced locally. The most commonly used materials for summer clothing was cotton - a light fabric that allows the skin to breathe easily. Perfect for those sweltering hot days! We love cotton blouses and silky lingerie sets for the summer months.

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4. Floaty silhouettes

The trend for long hemlines, bishop sleeves and a reinterpretation of classic clothing style in the 1960s and 1970s meant that many maxi dresses had a floaty quality and often boasted sheer panels and sleeves to emphasise their romanticism. Silhouettes moved away from the figure hugging to the flowing - making them more breathable and comfortable for summer-wear.

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5. Kaftans

The kaftan has become a summer staple, and everyone from Cavalli to La Perla has co-opted this garment style for their resort collections. But I would argue there is nothing lovelier than a vintage kaftan, especially authentic embroidered versions. A great addition to any suitcase - pair it with boyfriend jeans and colourful sandals for a citi-break, or toss on over a bikini on the beach!