Lee Scullion Meets Shalini

We've been working with Lee for a couple of years now, occasionally lending our garments out for the stunning editorial shoots he puts together. This piece of work with model Shalini is his first foray back into fashion photography as lockdown begins to be eased... enjoy! 

Interview by Lee Scullion, who is available for hire for weddings, events and fashion photography.

Where was your stomping ground when you were growing up?

Colombo, Sri Lanka.


What was your favourite lesson at school?

My favourite lesson at school would be Roman Catholicism. I asked way too many non-biblical questions and was suspended numerous times for being curious and having a strong opinion about the non-practicality of religion in modern-day society!

Where do you get your energy from in a spiritual sense?

I pull my energy from my inner-self, I tap in that energy source via deep meditation and reuniting with my soul's identity.

How have you navigated this pandemic situation?

 The pandemic has taught me patience which is an absolute virtue. Amidst the chaos I think I’ve managed to stay calm and centred, I hardly complain about life’s curveballs instead I figure out ways to make the most of it. An eternal optimist they say.

What are you amazing at?

Something I am good at is teaching yoga, being responsible at all time, staying really calm in stormy situations, perform (on and off a camera) and maintaining a smile.

 Friends. Important or not and why either way.

The quality of friends over quantity of friends. Good friends are absolutely essential but I am an introvert so I am perfectly capable of surviving by myself, I gain energy via solidarity and silence.

Are you afraid to take risks?

Absolutely not, taking risks is an absolute joy. I wouldn’t live life any other way. Risqué always!

What do you think of today's fashion industry?

Thoughts on today’s fashion industry are ‘mixed emotions’ I would, however, add that being from an ethnic background we aren’t very well represented. As a model The number of times that makeup artists, hairstylists have no clue how to take care of our skin tones and hair is shocking. But despite that, I think it’s an artistic trade to be a part of which I absolutely adore. 

You have 2 kids right? What areas of your life, way of thought/thinking and practice has changed since having kids and being with your kids?

Yes, I have two adorable boys. I grow each day with them, there are so many lessons that you can learn from children. There’s such joy in witnessing life in a child-like way, they keep me grounded. Beyond grateful to be a mother. There’s nothing more important above this title ‘Mother’ I hold on to it with such pride.

Do you ever feel self-conscious, given that you are in front of the camera so much?

I've always had a very naturally petite frame so I’ve never really had to worry about the body shape as much. I have met many female models who struggle with body image related situations, I think this is a topic that should be openly discussed. I firmly believe all bodies are healthy and beautiful. 

What's on the cards for your future?

 I am currently on the market to purchase my second home with a beautiful kitchen (I cook a lot so the kitchen is absolutely vital) so I hope to figure out where she is. Apart from that future goals are to ‘keep bettering myself each day’ I am not driven by materialistic possessions so I don’t hold on to them as goals. 

Have you faced your fears yet?

After giving birth to two boys, no painkillers through all-natural birth (both time’s) I think It’s safe to say nothing scares me anymore, I’ve seen it all.

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom for me is peace of mind, being able to be my true raw self without any fabrications. It is a power beyond measure, freedom is me, my choices and everything in between.