When I started to see the parallels between vintage clothing and what was on the catwalk, I realised that fashion was always in conversation with itself: a blend of the old and the new. I think that’s when it really captured my imagination. I love to see how trends reappear and get reimagined, and that’s my process with Trendlistr.
— Louisa Rogers, Founder & Designer

It all begin with an identity crisis…

With an English mother and a German father, I've grown up with one foot in two distinctly different European cultures. Born in Brussels, I'm too Belgian to be British, and too British to be Belgian. 

At the age of 2 my parents threw me into a French kindergarten school without knowing a word of French. I blinked, and then I was fluent – très mignon.

I find that part of the friction that comes from being a third culture kid means that what I choose to wear, my clothes, my style, has to represent me – has to stand out. Or I just feel weird.

Which is how the Trendlistr Collection came about…

Have you ever noticed how people respond differently to you when you wear colours? How colours allow you to mix and match? To clash patterns? – And to style things in unexpected ways?

Wearing colours allows me to feel more comfortable in myself. There's just something about the individualism they allow that enables me to feel more like, well, me. In colour, life feels more joyous, somehow. More playful.

Inspired by vintage, led by trends….

The Trendlistr Collection has grown from this lifelong love of colour. It's my response to what I see is missing from our high street stores. In short, clothing that's of good quality, that's wearable, and that lets you celebrate your style with ease.

I've been buying and selling vintage clothes, from classic 70s prints to designer pieces since I was at university. As a result, the Trendlistr Collection brings an appreciation of the exceptional skills and elegant tailoring of the past. Each piece is designed to be both comfortable to wear and to ensure you feel fabulous in yourself. 

The question is, which piece will you wear first?