When I started to see the parallels between vintage clothing and what was on the catwalk, I realised that fashion was always in conversation with itself: a blend of the old and the new. I think that’s when it really captured my imagination. I love to see how trends reappear and get reimagined, and that’s my process with Trendlistr.
— Louisa Rogers, Founder & Designer

Inspired by Vintage

My experience as a vintage dealer and extensive knowledge of 20th century design has given me an appreciation for this sort of clothing. A vintage garment is the starting point for each design which I then modify and update with prints, fabrics and contemporary design details.

I love how experimental vintage fashion was - that’s why I curate a selection of true vintage alongside our in-house collection.

Led By Trends

I curate the vintage catalogue according to current trends and then modify key pieces to incorporate them into our in-house range.

I aim to strike a balance between wearability and uniqueness - so you’ll be able to invest in something a bit different that you can wear in a variety of different ways!

Made in England

I work closely with local pattern cutters and manufacturers to create our range. The North East textile industry has been decimated and it feels fantastic to be a small part of preserving these highly technical skills.

Making in the UK also means I can ensure high quality and ethical working conditions are adhered to by our suppliers.