Working Sustainably

Trendlistr is invested in a sustainable workplace and sustainable practices guiding the way we go about our business. As a business that started out trading purely in vintage, Trendlistr has always been passionate about giving consumers sustainable alternatives to the fast fashion spread. 
The fashion industry at large is one of the most wasteful sectors - and this is not simply about supply chain but also about attitude. For example, the desire for items to not 'trickle down' through the fashion system leads several large companies to incinerate their remaining stock.
Trendlistr abides by the following sustainable practices.
  • Reusing what we can in-store: from carrier bags, to product labels.
  • Printing our barcodes and labels using a thermal printing system, cutting down on waste plastic
  • Sourcing products from private individuals for resale and ensuring we are not part of a damaging supply chain
  • We operate a zero textile waste policy for any stock - if items are damaged and are no longer fit for sale, we donate them to charity or we recycle the fabrics to avoid them contributing to landfill